Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is one of the most important indicators of the quality of a product, which is a comprehensive assessment of the electromagnetic interference (EMI...
Safety Lab Safety Lab
NTEK safety laboratory has advanced and perfect testing equipment and experienced technical personnel, runs strictly as per the ISO 17025 standard, achieved CNAS, CMA and other qu...
NTEK wireless communications department consists of a lot of experienced wireless communications technology engineers. In order to adapt to the future development trend of electroni...
HazardousSubstance  Lab HazardousSubstance Lab
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic and electrical products have been using deeply in our daily lives, small to smart phones, Portable battery, large to...
NTEK is a professional third party testing lab, and it’s the one of earliest private laboratories in China mainland, the head office (Shenzhen Office) established in 2003, start with EMC and Safety testing items, and then we built Dongguan office for chemical and physical testing items in 2008. ATC has more than 10000 square meters of testing lab, and over 20 branch offices in mainland to serve Chinese and foreign enterprise.
Certificate query
Dear customer, this service is only available to a query by the company provide testing or certification services to customers for information inquiries or confirmation. If you find that your certification records are not added to the system in time, please call or e-mail contact with our customer service staff
Industry news
Will the previous FCC certification expire aft Will the previous FCC certification expire aft
The FCC issued an update to the section FCC Part2.906 on November 2, 2017, officially announcing the start of the implementation of the FCC SDoC certification pr...
Company news
TEK holds "NTEK+ n" global wireless produc TEK holds "NTEK+ n" global wireless produc
On June 27, the NTEK+ n global wireless product market access seminar led by NTEK GROUP successfully held in Shenzhen. In conjunction with experts and guests fro...
How much for 3c certification How much for 3c certification
When you do product certification, it is necessary to know the price. The most common certification in China is 3C certification. Then how much is 3C certificati...
"NTEK" concerned about the "Guangdong re "NTEK" concerned about the "Guangdong re
"NTEK" concerned about the "Guangdong release" in the...

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